Classes are the character's style of combat.

Classes Edit

Thief: Haruhiro is shown having use this class as his choice because of its stealth and as a great support on the group. Because of this he acts as a good scout too.

Warrior: Moguzo uses this class as it have a high defense and power which he already has. It is a great tanking class.

Priest: Manato was a member of this class before his demise. Afterwards we're introduced to Mary who is the second priest of the main party.

Mage: Shihoru is the mage of this group utilising shadow magic though there have been mention that there are other types for a mage to specialize in.

Dread Knight: Ranta's class of choice is the Dread Knight. It is known that they collect vices with which to empower their Demon companion.

Hunter: Yume is of the hunter class a profession that focuses on tracking, survival, and bow skills. Hunters believe and worship the White Goddess Eldritch, who is described as a giant wolf. As part of their worship Hunters must give thanks to any animal they kill, and must pray and make offerings for each meal they eat.

Other Professions Edit

Those professions are mentioned only:

  • Paladin
  • Necromancer
  • Shaman
  • Knight
  • Sword Dancer
  • Samurai
  • Archer