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Personality Edit

Moguzo is something of a gentle giant. In another world, he'd probably be a wood carver, toy-maker or a chef. He is polite, well spoken and considerate of the feelings of others. He also comes off as shy and reserved. 

While Moguzo is an able warrior, wearing heavy armour and wielding a heavy, two-handed chopping blade, he does have weaknesses in combat, especially as he has to protect his unarmoured head, at least until the party clubs together to buy him a helmet in the middle of the series. He is probably at his best when fighting the larger, slower goblinoids, matching his strength and endurance against them, while nimble, sprightly opponents might simply run around him. He has the odd habit of thanking his opponents just before delivering the coup de grace.

In his free time, he enjoys carving wooden figurines of surprising quality, as well as cooking, at which he is skilled. In general, he gets along well with everyone in the party, even the acerbic Ranta.

Appearance Edit

He is some what muscular in appearance